August 3-10, 2013
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA
Hosted by the Dwarf Athletic Association of America

The largest sporting event in history exclusively for athletes with dwarfism

days until the Games. Are you ready?

Steering Committee

 Amy Andrews

Amy Andrews is DAAA President, Chairperson of the World Dwarf Games Steering Committee, and member of the International Dwarf Athletic Federation Board of Directors. She has competed in DAAA events since its founding in 1985, and her children have followed her example. Amy is also an International Gold Medalist, most recently at the 2009 World Dwarf Games in Belfast. She has served as Director of LPA for three years and co-chaired the 2008 National LPA conference. Amy has served on Board of Directors for the Athletes with Disabilities Hall of Fame and chaired their Hall of Fame banquet for two years. With over 20 years of design, training and customer relations experience at Sabre Travel Network, Amy is well suited to serve as the USA's top spokesperson for dwarf athletics.

 Marge Carlisle

Marge Carlisle is the Director of Athlete Village. She has been an active part of the dwarf community since her teens, and an athlete and advocate for DAAA from the very beginning. Marge has served the Little People of America (LPA) from local chapter president to National LPA President, and has served as a National advisor for LPA National Conferences for over six years. She was the primary architect for integrating the DAAA and dwarf sports movement into the long-standing LPA organizational fabric. She is also a proud DAAA sports mom and MSU grad.

 Mike Cekanor

Mike Cekanor is DAAA Vice President. He joined the DAAA Board in support of his son's athletic career on both the National and International level. As co-chair of the Little People of America National Conference in 2006, Mike assisted DAAA by
coordinating the 2006 DAAA Golf Tournament in Milwaukee. Mike has enjoyed assisting with DAAA's National competitions ever since. With his experience as Senior Vice President of Machinery Systems, Inc., Mike blends his business acumen with his expertise in planning, conducting, and marketing sporting events to the advantage of the dwarf sports community. Mike recently accepted the position of Chef de Mission for the USA team for the World Dwarf Games.

 Gail Dummer

Gail Dummer is professor emeritus in the Department of Kinesiology at Michigan State University. She brought her academic research and field experience in disability sport and physical activity to the dwarf sports community in 1988. Under
her guidance as DAAA National Swimming Sport Officer, USA dwarf athletes began a long tradition of Paralympic Gold Medal performances. She received the Rick Knas Lifetime Achievement Award from the Athletics with Disabilities Hall of Fame in 2005. Dr. Dummer has also served the wider sports community through the US Olympic Committee, US Paralympics, and USA Swimming. Her experiences directing national championships, USA Paralympic Trials, US Olympic Training Center elite athlete camps and coaching workshops make her an ideal resource.

 Mary Kay Gavitt

Mary Kay Gavitt is assisting with Games Support functions for the World Dwarf Games, in particular collaborations with the governments and civic organizations in East Lansing, Lansing, and Mason. Her extensive civic project and sports event experience and her related professional networking in the Greater Lansing Community make her an ideal focal point for involving the local communities in the World Games. A dedicated life-long swimmer, Mary Kay currently works as the Community Education and Aquatics Director for the City of Mason School District.

 Katie Kelly

Caitlin (Katie) Kelly is the Director of Game Operations. A graduate student in the Sport Administration program in Kinesiology at Michigan State University, Katie has been working for Michigan State University Athletic Department, Athletic Operations office since 2010. She has extensive sport management and sport facility experience in all 25 of Michigan State University's elite college varsity sports. She also has applied experience in high school sports administration, including winter and spring tournament management for the Michigan High School Athletic Association. Katie brings the cutting edge sport management practices necessary to manage the largest sporting event in history exclusively for dwarf athletes.

Elizabeth Kelly

Elizabeth Kelly is the director of marketing and executive producer for A Wider World, a PBS television show about disability issues. She is also executive director at HOPE Hospitality and Warming Center, and chief development officer for Easter Seals-Michigan. Based on her extensive experience in non-profit management, especially marketing, fund development and media/community relations in both small and large non-profit organizations, Elizabeth serves as the public relations consultant to DAAA and the World Games.

 Mary Knudsen

Mary Knudsen is DAAA National Sports Technical Director. For her Texas Woman's University graduate degree, she conducted some of the very first formal research on dwarf athlete performance factors in 1989. She has been a professional educator in applied adaptive physical education for over 20 years, always maintaining her ties to dwarf athletics. Mary is also an internationally certified boccia referee, and has officiated at international competitions including the 1996 and 2008 Paralympic Games, the 2006 and 2010 Boccia World Championships, and the 2007 Boccia World Cup.

 Stacie Pouliot

Stacie Pouliot is the DAAA Secretary/Treasurer. She and husband Roger participated in the 1985 inaugural games. Both their children have grown up with dwarf sports as an integral part of their lives. As a professional in the legal community, Stacie has an eye for detail, which she has applied in service to both the DAAA and Little People of America organizations for the last 25 years. All four members of the Pouliot family, by the way, have formal management roles with the World Dwarf Games.

 Len Sawisch

Len Sawisch is a disability philosopher and one-time dwarf athlete who, with his sports mentor Duncan Wyeth, helped start DAAA on the campus of Michigan State University in 1985. He then served on the DAAA Board through the first World Dwarf Games in 1993. In 2007, Dr. Sawisch was honored with the Rick Knas Lifetime Achievement Award by the Athletics with Disabilities Hall of Fame. Invited out of sports retirement by DAAA President Amy Andrews, Len now serves as volunteer staff to the World Dwarf Games Steering Committee.

 Amy Welch

Amy Welch is Director of Games Support. She has extensive and eclectic community-based experience as an event planner, and has served the dwarf community through Little People of America regional and national conferences. Her passion for service is in memory of her daughter Colleen, who joined us briefly in 1993 with a rare form of skeletal dysplasia not compatible with life. Amy's organizational skills and network of contacts in the Greater Lansing Community make her a valuable addition to the World Dwarf Games team.

 Duncan Wyeth

Duncan Wyeth is the Protocol Advisor to the World Games. His National and International disabled sports resume began when he made the USA Team for the 88 Paralympic Games in Seoul Korea; served as Team USA staff in Barcelona in 92; served as Team USA Chef-de-Mission for the 96 Paralympics in Atlanta, and served as an officer for the International Paralympic Committee at the 98 Winter Games in Nagano, Japan. Duncan has also represented athletes with disabilities on the USOC Board of Directors and was the USOC Male Athlete of the Year in 88. He was inducted into the Michigan Athletes with Disabilities Hall of Fame in 2001, and received the Rick Knas Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004.