August 3-10, 2013
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA
Hosted by the Dwarf Athletic Association of America

The largest sporting event in history exclusively for athletes with dwarfism

days until the Games. Are you ready?

About the Dwarf Athletic Association of America (DAAA)



  • President - Amy B. Andrews
  • Vice President - Mike Cekanor
  • Treasurer/Secretary - Stacie Pouliot
  • Sport Technical Director - Mary Knudsen
  • Members - Ernie Lee, Kendra Brogden, Greg Love
  • Interns - Amy Morris, Tim Murray

Amy Andrews


Founded in 1985, the DAAA provides sports opportunities for the estimated quarter million people in the United States who have any of the more than 200 forms of dwarfism as a result of skeletal dysplasia or related causes. Every level of ability and skill is welcomed and supported.


DAAA's primary activity is planning, financing, and staging the annual DAAA National Games. In addition, DAAA is committed to recognizing and encouraging elite athletes to train with the goal of participation in competitions sanctioned by US Paralympics and the International Paralympic Committee, and an ultimate goal of competing in the Paralympic Games. Toward this end, every four years DAAA coordinates and sponsors a USA team at the World Dwarf Games.


DAAA benefits from a strong partnership with Little People of America (LPA), the premier organization dedicated to serving the needs and representing the potential of the dwarf community in America and beyond.  LPA's annual summer conferences provide a venue for hosting DAAA national games, and a synergy for creating important life opportunities for little people and their families.


DAAA has benefited from exceptional leadership since its inception. Past presidents are Nancy Stewart (1985-1986), Len Sawisch (1986-1994), Brian Morris (1994-1995), Pam Danberg (1995-2005), Jimmy Loyless (2005-2009), and Amy Andrews (2009-present).