Limousines are more spacious than standard sedans and are great for weddings, proms, business travel, and more. If you want to arrive in style in an upscale event, then you’re going to need a limo In, any case a limo is the best choice for wedding parties, birthday parties, and road trips. 

Once you have decided to hire a limousine, what you should do next is to choose which type to get. Below are some limousine types to make it easier for you to narrow down what’s best for you. Choose the right one for your next event for a grand experience.  

1. Sedan Limo  

Sedan limousines are the most frequently seen conventional black limousine. They are usually the cheapest options but still an excellent one. Compared to the other types, it’s the smallest kind and is usually hired to transport three to four people. It’s ideal as an airport service and to serve as business transportation because of its sophisticated yet simple look. 

2. SUV Limo  

SUV limousines are larger than the regular limo sedan. Many of them include an indoor entertainment system, such as a television and a drinks bar. They’re usually hired for long-haul rides as they provide ample space to bring your luggage and bags. It is also the best choice when traveling to formal events and parties because it has a bar built-in. You can also easily enjoy a tall glass of wine while watching your favorite sports during the entire trip. 

3. Limo Bus  

Limousine buses are also called party buses. If you want to have a party on the road, this is the luxury vehicle to hire. But then again, you don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy a ride in a limo bus. It’s because everything you need is right inside. You’re sure to have a fun and memorable night ahead. There are dance floors, bars, sofas, and toilets inside limo buses. These buses are also designed to carry over 30 passengers. They’re the best choice for birthday parties, bachelor parties, and more. 

4. Stretch Limo  

Except for its spacious legroom and bigger capacity, stretch limos are more like sedan limos. It’s normally used to transport multiple guests to big parties or special events. Proms and weddings are the events where stretch limousines are usually rented for. However, it is also used as a business travel vehicle because of its sophisticated look. 

If you need to rent a car for your next special event and you have the budget for it, limousines are the best choice. Simply look for a company that rents out this vehicle and schedule your event with them. Be sure to do so many months before secure a slot. Limousines are limited in number and many other people may need them as much as you do. That’s why booking ahead of time is strongly encouraged. If you need help renting a San Fran limo, make a quick search to know your options. Be sure to deal only with the best company in town.