August 3-10, 2013
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA
Hosted by the Dwarf Athletic Association of America

The largest sporting event in history exclusively for athletes with dwarfism

days until the Games. Are you ready?

Personal Fundraising

Take me out to the World Dwarf Games . . .

For most athletes, attending the World Dwarf Games will be a once in a lifetime opportunity - don't let it slip away! The three biggest factors determining your participation are:

  1. Desire: If you have the desire to attend, everything else is just a detail. The stronger your desire, the more likely you are to make it to the Games and have them make a permanent impact on your life!
  2. Preparation: You need to be prepared in spirit, body, and mind. Visualize yourself representing your nation on the field of competition. Pay attention to the little details that will maximize your health and wellness. Seek the coaching you need to enhance your skills!
  3. Funding: Participation in the Games is not free. Your major expenses include: registration at $150, and a shared room in Athlete Village (9 nights) with the meal plan (25 meals) at $410. That's a total of $560. You also need to figure in transportation to East Lansing, a little spending money while you are there, and any cost you may incur in your training.

If your parents are financing your trip, this would be a good time to give them an extra hug. For many athletes, the fundraising becomes a personal challenge. So here are some tips.

  1. Don't expect all your funding to come from one source. Diversify!
  2. Make lists of:
    • Family friends & neighbors
    • Stores and restaurants where you shop
    • Professional services you have used: Banks, Credit Unions, Doctors, Dentists, Barbers & Beauticians, Tax Preparers, Lawn Service, Teachers, Plumbers, anyone you or your family has paid for service.
    • Civic groups, where you or family or friends are members: Church, Temple, Mosque, Union Hall, Lions, Elks, VFW, Moose, Rotary, Optimists, Little People of America chapter, etc.
    • People at your school and/or place of work (past and current),
    • People who recreate where you do: Gym, Spa, Roller Rink, Pool, Bowling Alley, Golf Course, Mini Golf, Mall, Movie Theater, Park, Paint Ball Court, Sports Arena, etc.
  3. Give everyone on your list a personalized letter (see sample appeal letter) about the Games that includes:
    • Why you want to help represent your country,
    • What sports you will compete in, if you can raise enough funds,
    • The amount of money you need to raise,
    • A picture of you, hopefully with a World Games logo or banner, and
    • Directions on how to make a contribution*
  4. Start earning and saving every extra penny you can. Consider those extra things you can do as odd jobs. When people know you are working hard to reach your goal, they are more likely to find other ways you can earn the extra cash you need.
    • Baby, pet and/or house sitting
    • Lawn, garden and/or garage tending
    • Tutoring or coaching other athletes
    • Helping people manage their computers, cell phones and/or TVs
    • Pulling extra shifts and/or covering for other workers during their vacations
  5. Look over your lists to see if anyone or group might consider doing a fundraising event on your behalf. Consider teaming up with any other dwarf athletes in your area for hosting combined events.


Other things to think about . . .

    • Think of all the people who have had no problem asking you 'what's it like being a dwarf?' Now it's your turn to ask them 'what's it like' supporting an athlete who will be representing their country in competition against the best dwarf athletes in the world!
    • Think of all the people who know you, or about you, that you have never actually met. This is an opportunity for them to be an active part of your anticipated success.
    • Think of all the people you will meet at the Games, and the ties that will give you to some of the most influential members of the dwarf community throughout the world!


Ready-to-use materials . . .